Boat Motor Trailer Loader

Our Boat Motor Trailer Loader allows you to secure up to 2100 lbs up over the box of your truck and cab, thus allowing one to tow a second Trailer!

This system is easily adaptable to fit any pickup size or bed length and any Trailer up to 102 inches wide. The 14’ ramps fold up to 8 feet long and are conveniently stored in your truck bed.

The unique design distributes the weight in the bed of the pickup rather than just on the rails of your truck and leaves room under your Trailer for storage. This is especially helpful when you have more gear than space inside your pickup. The 14-foot folding ramps make loading safe and easy!


  • Can load up to 2100 lbs.
  • 14-foot ramps make loading safer and easier.
  • Allows to pull a second Trailer, such as your Camper Trailer.
  • Keep your pickup bed clear for storage under the Trailer.
  • Ramps fold in half for easier storage.

How It Works

Unfold the 14-foot ramps and secure them in the places provided. Connect the shorter length of ‘U’ channel to the Headache Rack, then the long ‘U’ channel to the crossmember at the tail gate of the Truck. Hook the winch line to the determined place on the Boat Trailer. Ensure the first tongue wheel is set in the center of the ‘U’ channel. Activate the Loading winch and load your Boat/Motor/Trailer! Store your ramps in the bed of your pickup. Remove both bolt through Lock assemblies from the rear of the trailer.

Unload your ATV by placing the ramps in front of it. Remove both bolt through lock assemblies from the rear of the trailer.


Maximum loading capacity of 2100 lbs.
Adjusts to fit any truck.
Accommodates all Trailer widths up to 102 inches.
14-foot folding ramps for safer loading.
Made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum that is extremely strong.
All hardware is stainless steel, not zinc-plated steel.
All components are rust and maintenance free.


Your new Boat/Motor/Trailer Loading System comes in boxes supplied with all the necessary parts for
assembly as well as an easy to use manual.  Common assembly time is about a day.