Automatic Recreational Vehicle Loading Systems

Each come with Stainless Hardware & Wireless Remote Control

Rear Boat Loader
Rear Boat Loader

Load your boat by yourself with the push of a button.  No more struggling to get your boat on your truck and no more climbing.

Front Boat Loader

Don’t leave your boat home because you have a fifth wheel!  The Front Boat Loader conveniently stores your boat over the cab and hood of your pickup leaving the bed open for connecting your fifth wheel.

Canoe & Kayak Loading System
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With the push of a button load your boat, kayak, canoe, inflatable, pontoon boat or even an item such as a ladder.  It’s automatic and stress free.

Boat Motor Trailer Loader

Now you can load your Boat/Motor/Trailer, Jet Ski Trailer or any other Trailer, up to 2500 lbs up over the box of your truck and cab, thus allowing one to tow a second Trailer!

Over the Cab/Truck Rail UTV Loader System

Now you can load your UTV, up to 2000 lbs. Front tires up over the cab of your truck, rear tires on the rails of your truck, thus allowing you to tow your camper trailer! This System is easily adaptable to fit any pickup box length.

Over the Cab ATV/UTV Loader
Over the Cab ATV Loader

The Load-it Over the Cab ATV/UTV Loader allows you to safely and easily load your ATV’s or UTV on and then off of your truck.  The 12-foot folding ramps with the 2500 lb winch that comes with this System makes it easy to load your ATV’s or UTV over top of the Cab of your Truck.

Headache Rack & Cargo Rack

A unique racking system that is fully adjustable and customizable to your needs.  Our Rail System allows both the Headache Rack and Cargo Rack to be slid along the rail.

For our nifty bumper protectors, boat wheels and motor hoists, check out our accessories!