Front Boat Loader

Don’t let your fifth wheel trailer stop you from bringing your fishing boat! With the Front Boat Loader, your boat will conveniently ride over the cab and hood of your truck, leaving the bed of your pickup free for hooking up your fifth wheel.  When you get to the lake, unload your boat all by yourself!  With the push of a button, you can get a couple hours of fishing in before your buddies even arrive.  The Front Boat Loader will unload your boat, flip it over and set it down gently for you.  If you can drive to the water’s edge, you can drop your boat right in!   You’ll be fishing in minutes instead of wrestling your boat off the top of your truck and working up a sweat getting it into the water.  With the Front Boat Loader, there will be no sweating, bruising, scratching of your truck’s new paint job or denting of your boat.


  • Takes the boat off of your vehicle.
  • Turns the boat over for easy placement.
  • Lifts the boat up for easy loading.
  • Ties the boat down for safe travel.
  • Automatically loads the boat quickly, easily and safely, rain or shine!
  • Restores independence to those with limited mobility or back problems.
  • Places your boat right on the water!
  • Hides the loader’s motor under the boat, protecting it from the elements.
  • Specifically designed for YOU, the customer pulling a fifth wheel trailer.
  • Eliminates climbing your fifth wheel trailer or truck.

How It Works

There are three rollers across the top of the vehicle: the front roller, the power (middle) roller and the pivot (rear) roller.  The boat rests on the front and power roller.  The muscle of the system is a centre drive worm gear motor that focuses its energy on the power roller.

In the unloading operation, the power roller releases the tension on the ropes that are holding the boat in place and pushes the boat rearward by friction between the roller and gunnel.  Once the boat’s balance point passes the power roller, the bow will tilt up and the stern then drops gently by gravity, onto the rear pivot roller. As the motor lines continue to unwind off of the power roller, the boat will continue rearward and the bow will continue to rise. The stern of the boat is held by two-rear suspension lines attached to the rear transom before it touches the ground or water. At this point, the boat turns over, end over end, as the motor lines continue to unwind. When the boat comes to rest, it is right side up. Disconnect the rope clips and you’re ready to go fishing.

Loading is simply a reversal of the unloading process.  Once the boat is clipped back onto the lines, push the loading button on the wireless remote and the motor will start winding in your boat.  It pulls your boat, lifting the bow end over end, gliding the boat onto the top of your vehicle.  Gravity gently tips the bow forward once it has reached the pivot point and the watercraft is neatly placed in position.  The two lines that drew the boat onto your vehicle now act as securing lines at the transom.  Attach the remaining two lines at the bow from the comfort of a standing position.  Now you’re road ready!


  • Maximum lifting capacity of 400 Pounds
  • Accommodates aluminum, fibreglass and inflatable boats up to 16 feet
  • Made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum that is extremely strong
  • All hardware is stainless steel, not zinc-plated steel
  • Adjustable 62″ to 82″ beam width
  • All components are rust and maintenance free
  • Operated by our wireless remote control system with back-up wired remote
  • 1,900 pound test hollow braid line for easy splicing
  • Equipped with four ropes that automatically tie down and secure the boat to the rack


Your new automatic Front Boat Loader comes in a box supplied with all the necessary hardware for assembly as well as an easy to use manual.  Common assembly time is about one day.