Over the Cab ATV/UTV Loader

The Load-it Over the Cab ATV/UTV Loader allows you to safely and easily load your ATV’s or UTV on and then off of your truck.  The 12-foot folding ramps with the 2500 lb winch that comes with this System makes it easy to load your ATV’s or UTV over top of the Cab of your Truck. This System is easily adaptable to fit any pickup cab length.  Since the platforms that the ATV/UTV tires rest on are easily moved, every wheelbase is accommodated. The ramps are conveniently stored in your truck bed or can be slid and secured on the platforms your ATV/UTV rest on.

The unique design of the extrusion utilized in this Loading System allows this system to be changed from Truck to Truck and be adjusted for any kind of ATV or UTV.

The 12-foot folding ramps make loading safer and come in two weight capacities: the standard 1,400 pound capacity or the heavy duty 2, 200 pound capacity.  For transporting, these ramps fold to a length of just 7-feet.   Once loaded, the Load-it Over the Cab ATV/UTV Loader comes with one Aluminum Wheel Lock for each ATV/UTV and one Wheel Bonnet for each ATV/UTV. These lock your ATV/UTV in place, eliminating extensive tie-downs. Our Load-it Over the Cab ATV/UTV Loader was made having the Fifth Wheel Hauler in mind. No need to have a Toy Hauler. For those who have a Toy Hauler and have had gas or oil leak inside, know it is very hard to eliminate the smell. Having one of these Loaders will eliminate this from ever happening.


• Load & Unload using the winch provided on the System.
• 12-foot ramps make loading safer and easier.
• Wheel Locks make securing easy!
• Fit two ATV’s sideways or one UTV lengthwise.
• Ramps fold in half for easier storage.

How It Works

Unfold the 12-foot ramps and secure them in the places provided. Position your ATV/UTV at the bottom of the Ramps, attach the cable from the loading winch on the System and push the button and watch your ATV/UTV being loaded. Once all four wheels are on top of the platforms, fully engage the handle bar brake and disconnect the winch cable and remove the Winch Cable Guide Assembly. Attach the Aluminum Wheel Lock Assembly over one of the front tires and secure it in place. Secure the opposite rear Tire using a Wheel Bonnet. For a second ATV slide the Loading Winch to the second set of platform to for your second ATV.

Repeat the same steps for the second ATV.Unload your ATV by connecting the ramps. Ensure that you Handle Bar Brake is fully engaged, remove the Aluminum Wheel Lock Assembly and Wheel Bonnet. Re-install the Winch Cable Guide Assembly and attach the cable from loading winch. Start the ATV/UTV, place in reverse and slowly and carefully, move the ATV/UTV rearward until the rear tires are on the incline of the Ramps (while moving rearward you must release cable from the winch). Once this is accomplished, place the ATV/UTV in Neutral. Get off of the ATV/UTV. Lower the ATV/UTV down using the Wireless Control system, making sure that the wheels stay lined-up with the Ramps all the way to the ground.


• Supports two ATV’s or one UTV.
• Adjusts to any truck.
• Accommodates all ATV’s up to 102 inches in length.
• 12-foot folding ramps for safer loading and easy storage.
• Ramps come in 1,400 pound or 2,200 pound capacity.
• Made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum that is extremely strong.
• All hardware is stainless steel, not zinc-plated steel.
• All components are rust and maintenance free.
• Aluminum Wheel lock secures ATV’s/UTV safely and easily.


Your new ATV Quad Loader comes in boxes supplied with all the necessary parts for assembly as well as an easy to use manual.  Common assembly time is about a day.